Global Re finality solutions

As Solvency II implementation looms, using GRFS as a route to reduce legacy liabilities and improve liquidity is a viable option to maximise the capital asset. We welcome enquiries on a confidential and no-obligation basis.


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grf facts

GRFS Facts
We have purchased over $10m worth of receivables

Acquired portfolios from the UK, Europe, Bermuda and the rest of the world

We have bought solvent and insolvent debts

Purchased portfolios of debts from Run-Off Managers, Insolvent Estates and Reinsurers directly

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legacy services

In the current financial climate and with Solvency II looming, there is even greater pressure on the efficient use of capital. One of the most effective ways of releasing capital tied up in legacy business is to reduce the inwards liabilities backed by this capital by utilising a proactive commutation strategy or utilising our expertise in valuing your outstanding portfolios to ascertain the immediate value that you can gain from transferring the books to ourselves.  



our portfolios

  • AA Mutual International Insurance Co
  • Aneco reinsurance Underwriting
  • Belvedere Insurance Co Ltd
  • Compagnie Europeenne de Reassurances (France)
  • Dutch Aviation Pool
  • IF P&C (Norway) - Off shore oil business only
  • Mentor Insurance Ltd 
  • Riverplate Insurance Ltd
  • RiverStone (UK) inc Sphere Drake, Trimark Underwriting, Solar Underwriting and others) - various debtors
  • Scan Re Insurance Co Ltd
  • US International Reinsurance Co (USIR various debtors)
  • Walton Insurance Ltd